The Information Technology Industry Council (“ITI”) is a trade association that represents the most well-known tech companies in the world, inluding Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. For over 100 years, ITI has worked to help shape policy pertaining to tax, trade, talent, security, access, and sustainability issues for its member companies through its three main divisions: Environment and Sustainability, Global Policy, and Government Relations.

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The Information Technology Industry Council (“ITI”) represents the most well-known multinational technology corporations, so their membership spans the globe.

This means that they need to carefully coordinate conversations to solicit input from their member companies, but also that these members are used to cutting edge communications technologies and stodgy Washington DC-grade tech won’t cut it.

ITI had been able to cobble together some tools to send out blast messages, but struggled when users would inexplicably drop off of lists or not receive notices. That is when they engaged GenB to build them a custom communications product.

We were tasked with building a tightly integrated product that would enable ITI staff to simply send emails to trigger several computing and distribution processes.

By a staff member or member company representative firing off a single email, the system needed to capture the content and archive on the member are of their website, pull a list of recipients, deduplicate any redundant users, and distribute the message to the list. This all needed to occur within a few minutes from hitting send to the message arriving to users inboxes.



A traditional listserv requires an administrator to onboard new members, set permissions manually, and does not allow for deduplication when cross-posting.

Additionally, there are limits to the size of list and content of messages before servers get flagged for spam and blacklisted.

This balance between ease of administration and security/deliverability was a challenge we were proud to overcome.


We were able to build a dynamic listserv agent that can send to multi-thousand recipient lists with attachments, without delivery issues.

We enable end users to self-select their committees of interest and require no additional administration from ITI staff.

We even were able to create web administration tools over email in which staff can shoot and email off with a document attached and have the system automatically extract, tag, and place the document in the correct repository within the member area. Based on the success of our implementation, ITI has doubled its core membership of world-renowned tech companies, thereby doubling their revenue from dues received. Additionally, through the ease of administration of they system, they have been able to create several new membership levels allowing more early-stage tech companies and niche focused organizations to join more limited engagements thereby furthering revenue increase.

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