Exelon Corporation is a member of the Fortune 100, is the largest electric parent company in the United States by revenue, and the largest regulated electric utility in the United States with approximately 10 million customers. It generates revenues of approximately $33.5 billion and employs approximately 33,400 people.

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Exelon Reputation Intelligence Center - ERIC? The great IDEA!

Exelon saw a need for enhanced media monitoring and insights in order to make informed decisions about where to focus their marketing and communications efforts.

They conceptualized and attempted to build what would later come to be known as “eric” the “Exelon Reputation Intelligence Center” – a business intelligence capability to monitor and measure the impact of external content on the Exelon brand reputation and equity. What they soon found was that the product development process is more difficult than it looks, as is innovating within strict corporate confines. Their first attempt resulted in severe overages of cost and deficits of engagement, as well as painfully slow load times and cost prohibitive hosting fees due to inefficient data handling. At this point they engaged GenB to turn things around and make this project a success.

The first iteration went wrong, next one great!

We were tasked with analyzing what went wrong in the first iteration and building the roadmap for how to get it right this go round.

We set about forming a coalition of internal stakeholders and shifted focus to Customer Experience, User Centered Design and an Agile Development approach.



This project was a technological challenge in and of itself

While this project was a technological challenge in and of itself (combining natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data science, data visualization, cybersecurity, and infrastructure-as-a-service), a bigger challenge was how to pilot, iterate, and circumnavigate the build-measure-learn loop in a highly regulated environment with an internal IT team encouraging paralysis by analysis.

Finally, being an agent of change in such a large organization was especially difficult as an external vendor who wields no institutional power.


We were able to build a broad-based coalition of internal stakeholders and put the power into the hands of the end user.

By creating a product built in collaboration with the end user, those users began to demand the change we sought rather than us having to push for it.

We were able to let the process guide the development rather than politics or appeasement, which resulted in the project being implemented at 1/3 of the anticipated budget and in half of the time of the previous attempt, with overall greater adoption and buy-in from all parties. Now Exelon has the tools to quantify and predict reputation risks and opportunities and optimize its message, content, target audiences, and channels.

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