EngagedMD is a cloud-based platform that solves the challenging and ineffective patient education and informed consent process in medical procedures.

It improves the patient experience, saves time for both patients and clinical staff, makes the whole process paperless, and reduces risk. Patients access their learning plan and sign consent forms from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone and enjoy the convenience of self-paced learning in the comfort of their own home while still having access to their care team when they need it. Instead of answering questions and wrangling papers, medical care teams and support staff enjoy the freedom of focusing on doing their truly life-changing work.

Software solutions for the modern fertility practice

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They called GenB to build out a true product that was up to the task!

Based on insights gleaned from Dr. Michael Levy, IVF Director and President of Shady Grove Fertility (the largest fertility group in America), a void in the market was identified in which patients going through the IVF process were not truly informed before consenting to the various procedures he oversees.

A co-founder team of healthcare tech entrepreneurs agreed with his assessment and created a venture around fixing this disconnect with a software product to ensure that the risks and process was well understood before patients would move forward with a procedure. An attempt was made to build this system, without success. That’s when they called GenB to build out a true product that was up to the task.

We were tasked with building a unified product that combined four main value propositions:

Video streaming, E-learning and Integration with DocuSign.

Video streaming – detecting and serving the optimal format for any device and custom player controls to ensure videos are watched to completion without being skipped.

E-learning – tracking what areas patients struggle in, so that staff can spend time where needed and reduce the amount of calls staff need to field.

Integration with DocuSign – allowing the system to automatically fire off consent forms to users without additional administration from the health care practices, including data integration in which executed forms are automatically synchronized to the patient record via EMR/HER integration.



In addition to the general challenges of cohesively creating the tightly integrated set of product features listed above, security was a major challenge.

Due to the requirement of HIPAA compliance, security protocols were implemented to protect patient information.

All aspects of application data remain encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use. Strong password requirements and forced resets quarterly ensure access remains limited to validated users.


The system is now widely adopted and experiencing rapid growth.

Through this product, they have processed almost 500,000 patients and over 1 Million electronically signed consent forms.

They are now the software of choice in over 100 clinics and have expanded globally with a presence in the US, Canada, the UK, and Japan with new markets opening regularly. We have also helped them recruit and build their own software development team, giving them further control over their future while still being able to rely on our consultation and QC oversite.

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